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‘And if we are going to be metaphysical, I have no sea card, or compass, or star.’

The Ringed Castle - Dorothy Dunnett
No ordered thoughts or anything even resembling a proper review.

The Russia parts turned out the most boring ones in the book. Although I did find some of Philippa's page time in the first part not so intriguing as well.

I can't see Lymond surviving a few more blows to the head, both physical and emotional. He's tough, but really, is that necessary? The poor sod. 

Favourite moments:
- Philippa reading Lymond's books.
- Diccon Chancellor and Lymond's friendship.
- Philippa tapping all Lymond's quotes.
- The "L" play, Languish Locked in L!!!
[spoiler] And deep within him, missing its accustomed tread, his heart paused, and gave one single stroke, as if on an anvil. ‘We’re there, sir,’ Nicholas said.
The air hurt his skin. His nerves, unsheathed, left him over-sensitized and defenceless, as sometimes happened: exposed raw to the touch of his clothes, as if his flesh had been stripped off with acid. He remained perfectly still. [/spoiler]

- Lymond's "duel" with Austin Gray. Hilarious.
- Every word out of Danny Hislop's mouth.


It annoys me occasionally how Philippa sees it as perfctly acceptable to intervene in every aspect of Lymond's life without being invited to do so. Like that knife in TDK or the child-searching in PiF. Or like how she gave John Dee Lymond's date of birth. Not. Her. Business, damn it. 

It's a big part of who she is and I like her but this sometimes drives me up the wall.


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