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“It is what you read when you don't have to that determines what you will be when you can't help it.” ― Oscar Wilde

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Heart of the Warrior - Donya Lynne 2.5 starsWarning in advance about rambling and mild spoilers.Random thoughts:- It was definitely the wrong time for me to pick up this book. As Lover at Last's release date gets closer, I get more excited about it. Since this book is PNR, a m/m novel in a mainstream series - as far as I am aware, certain correlations are inevitable. It got me worried about LAL, because of reasons. This book reads like het PNR, only the chick replaced with a guy. Worse yet, I wasn't sure which guy was the chick. (This doesn't have to do with topping or bottoming, it's a great plus that they were both versatile and switched.)- Drecks are described, as far as I gathered, as Jotun. Which promptly made me think of Loki and Avengrs fanfic. Definitely a plus.- I got the impression of nicely done BDSM. But I'm not much into het bdsm so I skimmed it.- I liked the side characters. Stryker, Mikah, Malek. Felice, Gena, Kota.- Bonding - calling and suffering. Nice way to enrich the (known to me) mitology.- Predictable.- Cheesy.- Predictable. No, seriously. I saw each and every obstacle they came across from miles away. As would they have if they had gotten their heads out of their respective a--es.- I liked Lakota. Only I keep calling him Dakota in my mind, which brings the association with Dakota Fanning. That makes a hilarious mental picture.- MCs: one paints, the others play musical instruments. They're both gay. They fall for each other What are the chances? Not liking the stereotypes here.- They forgive too easily. Or at least Sev does. Well, it goes without saying, had he worked out the situationd in his mind beforehand, there would be better understanding between him and Ari and less chance for things to go wrong and him get hurt in the process.- They were all to mild for hardened warriors.Perhaps I expected too much? And/Or I haven't read PNR for too long? I don't know which it is, of it's the book's fault or mine, but this book wasn't a win for me.