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“It is what you read when you don't have to that determines what you will be when you can't help it.” ― Oscar Wilde

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Charmed and Dangerous: Ten Tales of Gay Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy
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The Complete Grimm's Fairy Tales
James Stern, Padraic Colum, Margaret Raine Hunt, Josef Scharl, Brothers Grimm, Joseph Campbell, Jacob Grimm, Wilhelm Grimm
Die Rivalinnen. Adaptiert
Norgard Kohlhagen
Великият лов
Robert Jordan
The House of Medici: Its Rise and Fall
Christopher Hibbert
Promise of Blood
Brian McClellan
Wear It Like A Crown
Interludes (In The Company of Shadows, #2.5) -  Ais, Santino Hassell "I'm confident we'll make it indefinitely if it's up to us but I'm worried about what we can't control; about what could take you away from me. I don't want to miss any chances with you."Okay, I admit it. It is worth it. But such a long and exhausting (and delicious) journey it was!Quotes (not Sin and Boyd related):How would you like to be in the middle of a Vega sandwich?"---Carhart kept his expression completely neutral, knowing that Emilio was lying through his perfect teeth... Hehe.---"I could tell you knew, by the way. Those baby blues don't hide guilt so well."---"You don't need to talk to Zachary like that," Emilio said abruptly...---"Oh." Emilio stared at him, seeming to consider that. "I dunno. I guess workin' with you reminds me of workin' with Zachary and I always defer important decisions to him." Sin stared at him before shaking his head and pulling out his gun. "And you say I'm the one with a blond obsession." Emilio's expression morphed into a glare and he cocked his own weapon. "Shut the fuck up."---Emilio's grin turned into an outright leer. "Oh, come on, Zachary. You can't deny that Vega meat is the tastiest kind."---Emilio stared at Carhart and his fingers once again flexed absently at his sides as if he wanted to do something with them and was having trouble stopping himself. His jaw clenched and unclenched and his long black eyelashes lowered over his impossibly vivid green eyes that once again traveled along the length of Carhart...."Stop looking at me like you want to fuck me."Emilio's expression didn't change but once again he swallowed thickly, shifting and absently curling his hands into fists. "But I do want to fuck you."..."Maybe," Emilio agreed, his gaze focused squarely and quite obviously on Carhart's mouth. "But you sure did enjoy railing me, didn't you?" Carhart stood up straight, staring down his nose at Emilio. "Temporary disassociation due to abnormal immersion with a cover identity." Emilio's eyes narrowed and snapped up to meet Carhart's hard gaze. The field agent stepped back finally, frustration obvious in his face. "Is that still what you're telling yourself, Zachary?"---"Fine," Emilio snapped finally, his voice thick with anger and something less identifiable. "Fuck you, then." "No thanks. That's the point."......Carhart and he couldn't help the tiny smile that wanted to cross his mouth. It felt good to be the one in control. It does feel good. Why then do I want to hurt you badly... Zach?---"Do you know what I could do to you right now, Zachary?" he whispered in Carhart's ear, nuzzling the side of the other man's face as he did so.Carhart growled and turned his face away from Emilio's lips. "I could flexicuff you to the headboard and fuck you whether you liked it or not," Emilio murmured in his other ear, pressing his mouth hard against it.---"--always wanted to be the one thinking you was controlling the situation, pulling the fucking strings. And now you got to be the one fucking with my mind, leading me around like a fucking dog trying to get a bone, knowing goddamn well that-- that I'm not fucking-- that you--" Emilio's voice was starting to sound thick, emotional; frustrated and angry. The alcohol was making his tongue loose and making him say things he'd never say sober.---Emilio flinched away from the words and he looked up briefly. His lips were parted slightly, his round eyes wide and slightly unfocused. He looked distraught, confused, and slightly frightened. Carhart didn't think he'd ever seen so much raw emotion on the other man's face. The other man's mood swings were going faster and more dramatically than ever.---"--give a shit who's at the fucking door. You always find a goddamn reason." It was Emilio's voice, snarling at Carhart, who had been the one to open the door.---"And he thinks he's got me all figured the fuck out. Every time I say anything he thinks he knows why or what I'm really thinking. He thinks he's got everything so well in hand and in order but he's always the first one to back down and run away when he feels cornered," Emilio continued to rant..---"Sometimes," Emilio said in a low dangerous voice. "Sometimes I get so fucking angry I just imagine myself killing him. That's how crazy he drives me. Sometimes I just want him to fucking die so I won't be like this no more."---When Carhart finally looked at his former partner and former friend, for the first time in years he wasn't struck by the pain he saw there. For the first time he didn't wonder what could be causing the darkness in those typically carefree eyes. For the first time he didn't care. "Get out." Emilio left. For the first time, he didn't come back.