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“It is what you read when you don't have to that determines what you will be when you can't help it.” ― Oscar Wilde

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Turn - Sara's Girl http://m.fanfiction.net/s/6435092/1/This piece of fanfiction is... absolutely fucking nuts. Yet charming.There were way too many children messed up in the story, and way too intelligent, but that is definitely an interesting approach. Draco is seriously adorable. And fascinating.It succeeds in making me think about missed opportunities and how some choices are so important that they form the rest of our lives.T take theU unknownR roadN nowA marvelous New Year's resolution and a good philosophy about taking risks.But, oh, God/Merlin/Scribe Virgin, is it long or what?----"And the sparkle in your smile of which I never get my fill," Harry returns triumphantly, and a little louder than he intends to. One pale eyebrow twitches and Harry can barely restrain his victorious grin, but he manages it, hanging onto the stem of his lamp and determinedly not looking at Draco. Swelled by success, he throws out the first line that pops into his head: "And you claimed me, like only you can." Lucius frowns. It's just a split-second wrinkle of the brow, but Harry sees it, and, judging by her puzzled expression, Narcissa sees it, too. Beside him, Draco emits a small, soft sound of amusement and it suddenly occurs to Harry that perhaps he doesn't usually return the challenge. Well. He's done it now, hasn't he? For long seconds there is silence, and Harry can just about hear the strident voice of Senka from the floor below, and the answering crashes and bangs from her clumsy colleague. And then Lucius clears his throat. Clasps and unclasps his hands behind his back. "Take me gently, my curse-breakin' man," he sings, looking right into Harry's eyes, and despite the alarming inference, Harry really does smile this time. And then Lucius' eyebrows are crooked with defiance, and he's breaking into song once more. "Whisper the words, no clash and no skirmish?" "Bubbles of love in the poetry of Mermish," Harry shoots back, accomplishment wild in his veins. It's ridiculous and wonderful, and the tiny flickers of chagrin on Lucius Malfoy's face are so rewarding that Harry almost forgets there is anyone else in the room. "Under the planets, aligned in the sky?"Lucius hesitates, closing his eyes briefly, as though steeling himself. "Making sweet, fierce love, you and I." "There's a disturbing thought," Draco murmurs, reminding Harry of his presence. LMFAO26/1/2013For the number of times I've read it, the rating should definitely be 5 stars. So I'm adding a star to my initial rating. Because, seriously, I am not tired of it, and it is not only possible but highly probable that I'll read it at least five more times.