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Lover at Last - J.R. Ward ~~No one got forever. And it was a fucking crime to waste what you were given.Lover RebornThe book isn't perfect (flawless books don't exist) or even close to it, but my expectations were satisfied. Rated on its merit, it would be 4 stars. BUT as it makes a major breaktrough in mainstream fiction, and that is a BIG DEAL, my rating will be 5 stars.Also:*I've been waiting for this since LM.*It got me into m/m, for which it deserves another star.That doesn't say I'm happy with all of it. The (too) many subplots were boring as hell - I skipped a lot of the non-Qhuay chapters on my first read and I haven't gotten around to a second one. Time limitations suck big time, but whatever, March is a busy month.So, subplots. Many of them were totally unrelated to the main story and seemed unnecessary to develop at that particular point. It felt like Ward was trying to take the book as far as possible from the novella status (non world-building) it was originally to get, and tell people, "Hey, see, you can't miss this book because X and Y (and A and B and C and...)" have a huge storyline here." Not really appealing. I think, story-wise, I would have been happier with a novella. Although, I am truly happy it is a novel, because as stated earlier - and it deserves to be mentioned multiple times, this is a big deal.Assail - kinda interesting. Not enough.Xcor - I ship him with Throe so hard. Xcor smiled coldly. So that explained his soldier’s absence—and the reason for the departure was a relief. He had feared that the other male had…__“How was she, Throe? Wet and willing?” The male’s flush grew deeper on his perfectly handsome face. “She was adequate.”__In the awkward beat of silence that followed, Xcor would never have admitted it to anyone, but he'd pressed for details not to deliberately goad his subordinate... but because he was glad Throe had lain with the female. He wanted distance between the male and what had happened back in the fall. He wanted calendars full of years, and countless females, and rivers of other females' blood...__Then he considered fair, loyal Throe, his second in command. Perfectly reared, impeccably blooded Throe. Handsome, comely Throe. “Go now,” he told the male. “And what of you?” “Go.” Throe hesitated, and in the pause, that night when Xcor had nearly died came back to them both. How could it not have? “As you wish.”Trez - skipped most of it. The more I learned about the Shadows, the less impressed I was. I liked them more as mysterious variables. This is... meh. And seriously, is everyone going to live in the mansion? Let's invite Assail and Xcor and the BoB, then.Layla - meh. Wrath - set up for the novella NOVEL The King. Put in the right place, this one, but I couldn't care less.Saxton - surprising POV, contributed to the main story. I truly liked it.Luchas - Now I'm supposed to like him? No deal. And I don't like how Qhuinn forgave him right off the bat. I can't.lessers - booooringBlay and QhuinnI'm satisfied, if not completely happy, with what we got. My worst fears were unfounded.+ Blay topped, Qhuinn losing his virginity, Blay's parents, induction, two bonding scents - although - I'd have prefered to read about them (bonding scents) appearing at the same time. I would have liked it much better if Blay had been honest about ending things with Saxton.The gay revelation was kind of too much.I'm still not seeing how the baby is a necessary aspect of the story. Would have been better for everyone without it.Mating scene. Where is my mating scene? I want it, damn it!The sex scenes were graphic (almost) enough for a m/m reader, but I don't see how they would be not-too-graphic for a non-m/m reader. The lack of lube didn't bother me too much as I've been showered with information from more competent sources than myself. I'm not sure I'll be reading anything else from J.R. Ward. But with her speed, I could keep wondering for the next five (ten?) years, and then read all she's gotten out in a week.To be edited. Maybe.THE Point: Qhuay's story got told, and in a mainstream novel.On the whole, I'm in a happy place about it.