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“It is what you read when you don't have to that determines what you will be when you can't help it.” ― Oscar Wilde

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Not Time's Fool

Not Time's Fool - FayJay So freaking good. I was trluy mistaken to put it off for so long due to dreaded het sex. I shouldn't have worried.
The m/f was hot.
The f/f was hot.
The m/m was hot.
Everything was hot.

Dean stayed Dean the whole time, with or without the girl parts. Dominant, possessive Sam is like the sexiest thing ever, and I didn't even mind the het, largely because Dean still felt like himself, whatever his form.

It hit all the right buttons and I'm very, very happy I decided to read it.

I don't read genderbend stories for largely the same reason I'm not fond of mpreg. But when I make an exception, the story somehow manages to cheat the "rules": in this case Dean being Dean (he, always he) even in temporarily female form. The mpreg example is the non-mpreg McShep fic where Rodney pretended to be pregnant during diplomatic contact with the people on some random planet. The other mpreg example was a badfic-parody of mpreg in the QAF fandom a few years ago. Made me LMAO. See: to make me read something I usually avoid - cheat the rules. And do it cleverly. Works like a charm.

I saw a review while scrolling down comparing this story to The Student Prince. I can't make that comparison - both stories move me in different ways. While TSP is like sunshine, something bright and clear and precious, this is something different. While, as it says in the description, it is a humorous story, it feels heavier, more serious. Though admittedly in both cases the UST goes through the roof.