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Saving Liam

Saving Liam - Sasha L. Miller It was.. I don't know, I'm quite torn. It was sweet while not saccharine and the magic system and world were quite intriguing.

On the other hand, many things I found aggravating.

*Like all three characters' choices/actions/words in the last 20 pages before the epilogue. I was, on more than one occasion, thinking, "Why are you even considering that? You haven't even cleared up that yet." And it still seems to me not cleared up. Leyton apologising and Mijah forgiving him. Possibly two separate scenes, not necessary in conversation, but it should have happened before any further discussion. Did it? Not really, as far as I can tell.

*Or the too many main characters. I was okay with being in everyone's head, that was great, and the confusion was probably done on purpose. Either way I didn't appreciate the main couple/threesome being so slow to appear on the radar. This, as my previous point, could have been developed quite differently, making for more enjoyable read and for less hair pulling and eye rolling on my part. I might have even not felt guilty over skipping studying for tomorrow in order to finish this. As far as guilty pleasures go, it could have been more pleasurable to make it worth the trouble. Oh well. No one said I make good life choices.

*Same as above.^^ As an avid fanfiction reader I am okay with multishipping and don't mind any kind of couples (except few specific ones). It doesn't bother me they exist as an idea, doesn't bother me they exist in fandom. These days, when I watch a movie or a tv series or read a book, I kind of see the relationship/shipping potential between all the characters in all kinds of combinations. That doesn't mean I don't know what the canon relationships are before I start shipping. And even if this is not a piece of fanfiction, I could see it as a potential fandom, and as such could see the potential relationships combinations. All I knew was the warning: This story features incest and a threesome. Was the incest in the threesome or not? Five characters, many possible, and plausible, combinations. As the chances of me finding fanfiction written about these characters are close to non-existant, I'd have liked it better if I had known sooner who to "ship," so to speak.

*As Leyton was present on page far more than the rest, it could be assumed that his relationships woild be central. How come then, that Temel and Shakil's one was showed explicitly (right up until Shakil disappeared, and Leyton's with Liam, or with Mijah, or with Liam and Mijah, wasn't? It is true that every 3/3+ relationship written explicitly risks turning into the porn fest that is the average Anita Blake book but some is necessary for me to see how the characters fit together. I could see Leyton with Liam, and I could see him with Mijah. But with both? I need more convincing. Before the epilogue, tyvm.


Despite all that, I liked it. *shrug* Could have given it a five stars rating without the issues, but with them it was still an enjoyable read.